Name: Patio oitaP


Patio oitap triptik

Description: An upside down image of Patio hangs on a wall. Visitors sit on a chair which rotates them so they are alternately rightside-up and upside-down. As they rotate they look at the image on the wall. When they are upside-down they see the image rightside-up. The image is seen to have its mouth and eyes cut out of the face and inserted upside down. The human eye/brain analyzes the mouth and eyes in a face somewhat independent of the face itself and so even though the mouth and eyes are upside down on the face they appear normal when the entire face is inverted, the eyes and mouth then become rightside-up.

Creator: Patio Plasma

Location: Splo Main
Splo Midnight City:


Graphics on chair  512x512  "Sit Here Mouselook at Photo"

Sign Graphics  Vertical print "Patio oitaP"


Placing an image onto one part of an object. Import the chair graphics into SL then edit the chair to select the back of the chair, drag the image onto the back of the chair.

Place a sit location onto a chair.

Rotate the chair: See the discussion about rotating an object using TargetOmega in the 001Rotating Cafe Wall Exhibit

Coments: This exhibit demonstrates an important property of exhibits in virtual worlds. In a real museum the visitor would turn the image upside down to view thies effect. However in the virtual world the avatar can be inverted.



Patio Plasma

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Updated 28 May 2007