Name: Newton's Cannon


NewtonsCannon image

Description: Newton in the Pricipia hypothesized a cannon that would shoot cannon balls at higher and higher speeds until one orbited the earth. Ride Newton’s Cannon in SL.

The cannon is located on a platform that reaches above the atmosphere at the north pole of a 50m diameter megaprim earth.

Touch the cannon ball in front of the mouth of the cannon and you will sit on the cannon ball and be presented with a menu of choices for inirial cannon velocity. Velocities slower than 11.25 km/s, circular orbit velocity will cause you to strike the surface of the earth before completing one full orbit. Velocities faster than 11.25 km/s will cause you to enter an elliptical orbit with a perigee over the south pole.

At the end of the ride your avatar will be returned to the launch platform.

A small model of the earth shows telemetry of your position to anyone watching on the platform.

If there is no Cannon ball infront of the cannon touch the green arrows that point to the front of the cannon. A cannon ball will rez for you.

Touch a red downward pointing arrow to tleport to the ground.

Creator: Designed by Patio lasma built by Emileigh Starbrook


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Comments: This exhibit would be impossible to build in real life. Second Life is the perfect place to "make it real."

Second Life starts with the two dimensional illustration by Newton and renders it in three dimensions of space and one in time. An avatar becomes an important part of the exhibit, riding the cannon ball.

Patio Plasma

Copyright 2008

14 November 2008