Name: Floating Rings


Floating Rings

Description: Three rings apear to be rolling around on each other's edges.

Creator: Patio Plasma, Aimee Weber


To Do and Notice!

These three rings rotate in the air.
Notice that they look like they are rolling around upon each other.

What's Going On?

The rings are bolted together.
It just appears that they are rolling around on each other.

Going Further

No museum in the real world has the triple floating ring exhibit it is unique to Second Life.


The script rotates the exhibit using llTargetOmega
The vector in target omega specifies a rotation about the z axis. <0,0,1>, the rotation rate is next 1 radian per second, and the strength is last, this must be non zero.


llTargetOmega(<0,0,1>,2,1); // <0,0,1> is a unit vector in the z direction the axis of rotation, 2 is the rotation rate in radians per second, 1 is the toque on physical objects, if it is set to 0 the rotation stops even for non-physical items. The rotation rate was doubled from 1 to 2 in december 2008


In December of 2008 I speeded up the exhibit rotation from 1 to 2 and it looks better.

I also added a stationary cylinder outside the rotating cylinder, this also added to the illusion. Howvere the outer cylinder cannot be linked to the exhibit or it too would rotate.

The rings look metallic.

Patio Plasma

Copyright 2007

Updated 28 May 2007