Name: Far Out Corners


Far Out Corners

Description: A box hangs in the air and seems to rotate to follow your camera as you move around.

A small spherical light is located under this exhibit.

The exhibit is actaully the three inside corners of a box, but when lit from nelow the eye sees these as the outside corner of a box.

Creator: Patio Plasma



Lessons: The walls of the box in this exhibit are thinner than the usual minimum dimension od 0.01 m.

This is done by dimpling.

Create a sphere.

Dimple it with a start at 0.48 and an end at 0.52

Then change the sphere into a box (In the "Prim Type" selection drop down menu)

You will now have a thin prim.




Patio Plasma

Copyright 2007

Updated 28 May 2007