Name: Destination Mars



Description:Experience what would happen if an asteroid impacted the surface of Mars. This almost happened in January 2008. Here is a 1/6 scale model of the event.

Set your environment to midnight: World>Environment>midnight
Touch the green ball to start the exhibit. Running time is 5 minutes.

You stand on the surface of Mars at sunset. an asteroid approaches and when it strikes the atmosphere it sheds incandescent particles. When it hits the surface it excavates a hemispherical creater more than 10 x the diameter of the imapcting object. A blast wave from the multimegaton impact spreads across the surface creataiang a tremendous explosive noise even in the thin atmosphere of Mars. Material excavated from the crater is blasted into the sky, then falls back. At the end, you see a crater of the appropriate width and depth.

Creator: Designed by Patio Plasma, built and scripted by Emileigh Starbrook, particle effects by Debbie Trilling.


Graphics: Touch the green ball to "Start" once touched the green ball turns red and says "running".
Touch a blue ball to "Teleport to the Surface"


Lessons:The exhibit is housed in a spherical megaprim 100m in diameter. The outside of the megaprim has a texture which portrays the surface of Mars.

The inside of the top half of the exhibit has a texture which is an image of an actual sunset on Mars.

When you touch the green ball to start the exhibit, the top half of the megaprim becomes transparent, this is why the viewer should set their environment to midnight before starting the exhibit.
Alas, an image of earth's moon often appears in the sky.

Comments: In January 2008 there was a chance that an asteroid would hit the surface of Mars.
That asteroid missed Mars but it inspired me to create a scale model of the event in Second Life.



Patio Plasma

Copyright 2008

Updated 14 November2008