Name: Chain Reaction


Chain Reaction

Description: Touch a glowing mushroom cloud to drop a ping-pong ball into a transparent box filled with cocked moustraps each holding two ping-pong balls.

Whenever a ball hits the trigger of the mousetrap it and two other balls are launched into the air and come down to trigger other mousetraps. The reaction quickly grows until it triggers all of the mousetraps in the box. The mousetraps are automatically reset. This is the same thing that happens in a nuclear fission reaction that releases more neutrons tha it absorbs.

Creator: Created by Patti Ceawlin, and Patio Plasma


Graphics: Sign, Duck and Cover it's a Chain Reaction

Lessons:  The mousetraps are sculpted prims.

Comments: Linden Labs prevents exhibits from creating objects rapidly to stop spammers from filling a sim with objects, this is called the gray goo fence. We had to carefuly adjust the rate at which the balls in this exhibit were created to avoid running into the gray goo fence, this is why it takes a while to reset the balls. Also this exhibit works best if you have a fast computer, try reducing your draw distance top 64 meters to help it run faster. We place it far rom other scripted exhibits.



Patio Plasma

Copyright 2008

16 December 2008