Name: Brownian Motion


Brownian motion and tracker

Description: This exhibit has two parts: a box containing red molecules plus two larger pollen grains one green and one blue, and a "tracker" , a box containing a blue and green path showing the position over time of the pollen grains. You can ride on the red molecules, you can ride inside the pollen grains and you can ride the tracker balls.

Creator: Created by Emileigh Starbrook, imagined by Patio Plasma. A Sploco creation.



Brownian Sign

Lessons: There is a terrible problem with Havok 4, the physics engine run by SL, ball occasionally pass through walls, we have had to program this exhibit so that it pauses to note if any balls are missing from the exhibit, if they are missing then it restores the balls to the exhibit.

All the balls in this exhibit are vehicles.

The walls of the boxes containing the balls and the trackers are transparent when viewed from the outside. The walls except for the front wall are opaque when viewed from the inside. The front wall is transparent from both sides.

When you touch the outside front wall you are transported into the box, when you touch the inside of the front wall you are transpotrted out of the exhibit.

Once inside the box if you sit on a red molecule you will ride it, if you sit on a green or blue pollen grain you will ride inside it.

Comments: If you go into mouselook while you are inside a pollen grain you may get nauseated by the motion you see on your screen.

Patio Plasma

Copyright 2008

December 16 2008