Pi Day 2007

Pi Day is March 14, 03/14

In 2007 it was celebrated with a collaboration between The Exploratorium in San Francisco and the 'Splo in Second Life.

Events in the Splo were streamed live into the webcast theater at the Exploratorium.

Patio Plasma was the hostess in Second Life while Paul Doherty was the host in the Exploratorium.

Here was the ad in the Metaverse Messenger

In the ad created by demarco Spatula we see the leaning tower of Pi-za, the Pi-eta, and one of the pi-lithons from pi-henge.

There were two locations for Pi Day in Second Life, one in Midnight City and one on Splo Island.

Visitors to Midnight City were welcomed by a Pi shrine that replaced the central fountain. It sprayed out pi symbols as well as cherry pies and was made by Pepto Majestic.

The Pi Shrine sprays out pies over Pepto Majestic.

When they arrived at the 'Splo the front yard was full of Pi exhibits, there were also large pi exhibits in a nearby open space.

The front door of the Splo on Pi Day was surrounded by exhibits.

Some exhibits were very simple like the See Pi exhibits which featured a circle and a rod as long as the circumference of the circle.

Guide Tola McElroy introduces the "See Pi" exhibits created by Patio Plasma.

If you touch the See Pi exhibit with the solid blue spheres then the voice of Nostril Mandelbrot will read the digits of pi.

The pi flower features a red sphere with the same surface area as a blue hemisphere and a green disk.

The sphere has radius 1, the hemisphere radius 2^0.5, and the disk radius 2.

Pi Flower on the Splo Island, each shape has the same surface area. Created by Patio Plasma.

Visitors were asked to build a Pi Glass, a glass with a height equal to its circumference.

A Pi Glass with a height equal to its circumference.

There is a tutorial teaching how to build, texture and add a script to an object, in this case a Pi Glass, in Secondlife.

Build a Pi Glass Tutorial.

One of the highlights of Pi Day on the 'Splo Island was the creation of Pi Henge by demarco Spatula.

Patio Plasma watches a sunset eclipse by a pie in the sky while sitting on the heelstone of Pi Henge.

The Splo outdoor theater featured pie fight movies.








Patio Plasma Copyright 2007

Updated 28 May 2007