Mime Field Our First exhibition was created by demarco Spatula and opened with the opening day of the museum in Midnight City, April 1,2006. The open grassy lot that was to house exhibits was surrounded by towering mime textures.

Thinking Inside the Box, demarco created a collection of perception exhibits so vast that we had to add an entire wing onto the Splo museum in Midnight City, the Aimee Weber Wing.

Pi Day 2007, March 14, 2007, Pi day was simultaneously celebrated at the 'Splo and the Exploratorium. Exhibits for this show were curated by Patio Plasma and created by Patio, demarco Spatula and Emileigh Starbrook. One exhibit was created by a visitor and donated to the museum.

Pi Day 2008, the collapsing Leaning Tower of Pie-za nakes its debut.

Pi day 2009, The Sploco Pi phone is upgraded and a new balloon tour is installed.

Burning Life, The Splo applied for and was was chosen to make a theme camp at burning life. 2009. We selected the theme of perception and named our exhibition Color Dance. The sign read "See Perceive,Look,Observe"

LCROSS  NASA crashed a Centaur spacecraft into the moon on October 9, 2009, and observed the crash with a shepherding spacecraft that followed the Centaur. The Exploratorium worked with Lick Observatory to stream live video of the impact taken through the Great Lick Refractor into the Exploratorium Amphitheater in Second Life. LCROSS in Second Life




Patio Plasma

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