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The First Interactive Science Museum in Second Life






SLCC Paper 2009 Ideas for Educational Exhibit Builders

The 'Splo is a museum of science, art, perception and humor.

Come visit to learn some science and to laugh at science museums.

We have a sim full of exhibits, Sploland,
The link above is a Second Life URL, if you click it it will show you the way to our island in Second Life.

The 'Splo is a founding member of the Scilands, an archipelago of science education sims in Second Life.

Splo MainSplo Box
Sploland, Splo Main building left, Splo Box right.

At the arrival point check out our kiosk for event announcements and landmarks to our latest exhibits.

The 'Splo museum began inMidnight City on April 1, 2006. It is the first interactive science museum in Second Life.

Aimee Weber gave us land in her sim for three years, and gave us the perfect building, an old warehouse that had been converted to a dance club which we converted to a science museum.

Kirra Ball saw the Splo in Midnight City and loved it so much she gave us a full sim, Sploland, to fill with science explorations.


The 'Splo Midnight City. Outside and inside 2006. Click to enlarge

Our exhibit building team, Sploco, creates exhibits for the Exploratorium Museum,

The most important parts of the 'Splo are our staff and the exhibits we create.


There is an exhibit index which describes each exhibit in detail. The exhibit reference pages are often linked to by the notecards given by the exhibit graphics on each exhibit.


We are an educational institution. We make our Linden Scripting Language scripts open under the Creative Commons.

We index each exhibit explaining how it was created and also describing how the scripts that operate in each exhibit work.


The 'Splo is run by a "Renegade Crew" from the Exploratorium Science Museum in San Francisco.

Founding Director Patio Plasma

Co-Director demarco Spatula

Director of Education Reba Rutabaga

Senior Exhibit builder Emileigh Starbrook

Come and see our many interactive exhibits.

Patio Plasma

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Updated 6 March  2009